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We have a problem

I think Hdubs and I are hoarders…. because it feels like every 6 months I am cleaning the crap out of our house. I wasn’t planning on spending the beautiful day cleaning out the crap, but we have a small Sprite explosion in the kitchen late last night and I don’t want bugs. Needless to… Continue reading We have a problem


Maybe start with “How can I help you today?”

So if you have been keeping up with us you know that we went on a road trip  (it was awesome!). We got home and the oil light came on. (Worst thing that could happen) Fast forward we got a new car!! Exciting right!?! In truth I love the car and it’s going to be… Continue reading Maybe start with “How can I help you today?”

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No Spend Month?!?!

Ok so I have always thought about doing this ….. but I never have. A month where you only buy what you need…. meaning gas, food that you need (ie. try to eat out of your cupboard and freezer first… might get a little like Chopped around here.) medical supplies and pay your bills… anything… Continue reading No Spend Month?!?!